Conducting Malware Doctor Removal - How to Remove Malware Doctor in Simple Ways

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In recent times, this has become a common problem for PC users as this Trojan spreads across the internet at a rapid pace. If your computer has become a victim of this malware, you should not take the risk of letting it go unattended by not knowing how to remove Malware Doctor.

One of the main symptoms of registry infection is the appearance of false alerts. Your desktop background and browser may also face sudden changes. Even though the pop alerts may warn you against several infections, this is just a trap of Malware Doctor to compromise your PC.

Basically, Malware Doctor is a fake registry cleaner which is also known as Malware Doc. Below is a list of the process which leads to malware infiltration.

  1. You get infected with a Trojan like Malware Doctor.
  2. The system starts displaying fake security alerts to convince you that your PC needs to be cleaned through special anti-virus software which is usually a paid version.
  3. In your worry, you purchase the rouge anti-virus software.
  4. Caught in a perfect lose-lose situation, you pay for malware and give out your identity via credit card information.
  5. On the other hand, the fake anti-virus does nothing to clean your Pc and only further infects it.

This article will show you how to remove Malware Doctor in a few simple steps. Before you can remove this trojan, you must ensure that your system and registry backup is in place. This makes it easy to restore your PC if any problem occurs.

Actually, removing rogue anti-virus is not difficult. The tricky part is not to know how to remove Malware Doctor but that of eliminating the Trojans downloaded and installed with it. This can be dealt with in two different ways.

Method #1 - Manual Removal

This method requires the use of several applications to demolish the rouge anti-virus infecting your PC as well as other malware files associated with it. The first step is to uninstall your current anti-virus as it is rendered useless by the virus attack. After this has been done, you must install the latest version of a new anti-virus program.

This will scan and discover any infections on your PC. Now, you can proceed with the manual process of removing malware DLL files, processes, registry files and other malicious data. After all this has been done, you must reboot the system and make sure it is 100% clean.

Method #2 - Automated Removal

The second method is much simpler for users who are just learning how to remove Malware Doctor. Just download Spyware Doctor with anti-virus and install it. The OnAccess Guard must be enabled and then opt for Smart Update. Run a scan and remove all the malware from your PC before rebooting it.

Once you have understood how to remove Malware Doctor and ensured that your PC is healthy, don't take things for granted again. Always be on the defensive while using the internet for downloads, web browsing and checking email. Remember that precaution is better than cure!

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Conducting Malware Doctor Removal - How to Remove Malware Doctor in Simple Ways

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Conducting Malware Doctor Removal - How to Remove Malware Doctor in Simple Ways

This article was published on 2010/04/01